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What is XANGO, LLC?


Created one year after the tragic events of 9-11 by six visionary men, XANGO, LLC was founded on the vision that it's "safe to dream again." Creating a new category of wellness and supplementation, XANGO dreamed and changed the world as the first company to bring a premium mangosteen beverage to market. The company would not stop there; its uniquely rewarding payment plan changed the direct sales landscape with a true 50 percent payout to its Distributors, which today enables entrepreneurially driven individuals around the world to build for their financial future in 35 countries.

From humble beginnings, XANGO has risen to become a leading global nutrition company, today doing business in more than 30 international markets with more than 1 million independent Distributors. Success brings opportunity and XANGO takes seriously its responsibility to give back to worthy children's charities around the world through the XANGO Goodness Foundation and the XANGO Meal Pack program.

What products does XANGO sell?


XANGO's flagship product is category creator, XANGO® Juice, the first mangosteen beverage marketed globally and the worldwide market leader. Since that time, the company has extended its leadership in the mangosteen category with the Glimpse® Topical Skin Nutrition line of premium performance, mangosteen-based personal care products. In the fall of 2009, XANGO launched its latest category creator, Eleviv™, a premium non-mangosteen botanical blend designed to restore natural vigor, helping consumers feel great again. The company also markets Juni™ Family Care gentle bath products, the XANGO 3SIXTY5™ multivitamin brand and Mangosteen Pericarp Oil, a highly concentrated ointment from the nourishing mangosteen.

How do I purchase XANGO products?


XANGO's premium wellness products are available through a global network of independent Distributors. Products may be purchased through a Distributor where you live. Click here to request more information.

Can I purchase XANGO products without being a Distributor?


Yes. XANGO products may be purchased several different ways: at retail through a XANGO independent Distributor or at wholesale as a Preferred Customer – reserved for our most loyal customers.

Why does XANGO use network marketing to distribute its product?


The reason can be summed up in one word: action. Network marketing is the action of bringing an exciting product directly to the people who need it—faster than any other marketing method. It is the action of the amazing story of the mangosteen and other new botanicals being told to those who need its benefits. It is the action of an ordinary individual building a unique, independent business with little risk to personal capital. It is the action of the purest form of selling, person-to-person selling that benefits everyone involved, including the consumer who receives more in-depth information about the product than they would as a retail customer.

What are the benefits of being a XANGO independent Distributor?


XANGO Distributors enjoy the opportunity to build an independent business that requires very little startup and overhead costs. XANGO manages brand marketing, product creation, commission payments, shipping to your door and many more elements that a typical business owner must control. And, XANGO Distributors enjoy independent contractor status and the tax benefits of owning their own business. XANGO Distributors also receive exclusive access to special promotions and pricing on XANGO products.

What accredited associations does XANGO belong to?


XANGO is a member in good standing of several industry and business associations which require high standards of business accountability and transparency for membership. Some of XANGO's affiliations include the Natural Products Association, the United Natural Products Alliance, the Direct Selling Association and the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations. XANGO also belongs to several chambers of commerce locally.

How can I contact the company?


We encourage anyone with a question, comment or concern to contact us. Please visit our Customer Service section for details.

Where are XANGO's corporate headquarters?


XANGO is headquartered at:
2889 Ashton Blvd.
Lehi, Utah 84043

Can I visit the XANGO headquarters?


Visitors are welcome Mon. – Fri. between 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

In what markets is XANGO open for business?


Our reach is global—XANGO, LLC currently operates in various international markets across the globe. See XANGO Worldwide for a complete list of XANGO markets.

What charities does XANGO support?


A core component of XANGO’s way of doing business from the very beginning, the company’s charitable giving took a big step forward in 2009 with the launch of the XANGO Goodness Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) public charity. Leveraging the company’s global resources, XANGO Goodness is a worldwide cause-related movement that seeks to improve child welfare and provide opportunities of life, health and hope. An active partner, XANGO and its Distributors and employees get involved and roll up their sleeves to raise money, volunteer in charitable service and help raise awareness for the causes the company supports.

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Product FAQ

Please click on the following links to download and read the "Frequently Asked Questions" for each XANGO product:

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What constitutes a XANGO Distributor?


A XANGO independent Distributor is an individual or entity that has entered into a Distributor agreement with XANGO. XANGO independent Distributors are able to order products at wholesale prices and resell the products to retail customers for a profit. XANGO independent Distributors are also able to recruit additional Distributors and receive commissions from their product sales under XANGO's rewarding compensation plan.

How can I become a XANGO Distributor?


By executing a XANGO independent Distributor agreement. There are three ways that you can apply for a Distributorship: 1) You can mail or fax in a completed application, 2) you can complete an application on the internet, or 3) you can complete an application over the phone. XANGO encourages applicants to enlist the help of their sponsors when signing up.

Is it expensive to own an independent XANGO Distributorship?


No. The only cost to own your own XANGO business is the membership fee. This inexpensive fee makes it possible for virtually anyone to become a XANGO Distributor.

What do I get when I sign up and pay the membership fee?


When you become a Distributor, you begin a partnership with XANGO. Your success is our success, so this partnership is something in which XANGO invests heavily. Along with access to XANGO's corporate meetings and sponsor support, you will receive a Distributor Kit containing several sales tools and support materials to help you get started. We also have a well-trained and efficient call center with customer and order-entry support at your service. We even have an internet site with a “back office” for your convenience in tracking your business’ growth and progress.

How much money can I make as a XANGO Distributor?


The beauty of XANGO's form of network marketing is that you determine, based on your efforts and the commissionable sales of your organization, precisely how much money you will make.

How does the compensation plan work?


The Compensation Plan is the method by which Distributors are compensated for their retail sales and personal purchases of the Product, as well as the retail sales and personal purchases of the Product by their Downline Organizations. If taken to its full advantage, the XANGO compensation plan rewards Distributors weekly, monthly, and quarterly. See the compensation plan for more details.

How much is paid out on each order?


50% of the purchase price of each order is paid back to Distributors through the XANGO compensation plan. There is no breakage.

What is PowerStart, Unilevel and Global Bonus?


PowerStart offers XANGO Distributors weekly commissions.
Unilevel offers XANGO Distributors monthly commissions.
Global Bonus offers XANGO Distributors quarterly bonuses.
See the compensation plan for more details.

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Distributorship FAQ

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What is the Automatic Delivery Program?


XANGO's Automatic Delivery Program (ADP) is an optional program that authorizes XANGO to automatically ship product to a Distributor or Preferred Customer on a recurring monthly basis.

How can I make changes to my ADP?


Contact the Customer Service department to make changes to your ADP. Requests must be received by the 9th of the month in order to be processed for that month. We cannot guarantee same-month processing for any order received after the 9th.

How do I place a product order as a XANGO Distributor?


A XANGO independent Distributor can order product by 1) calling the Order Entry department, 2) mailing or faxing in an order form, or 3) purchasing through the "back office" on the internet. Please visit our Business Guide section for more details.

What is XANGO’s policy with respect to collecting and remitting sales tax?


Like other similar companies, XANGO collects and remits sales tax based on retail pricing.

This is a benefit for our independent Distributors since it eliminates the time and worry required of them to collect and remit sales tax on their XANGO business. They are therefore freed to focus on nurturing their Distributor organization rather than complying with local sales tax requirements.

However, if a Distributor desires, they can manage this process by: 1) registering with their local sales tax agency, and 2) submitting a sales tax exemption certificate to XANGO’s Customer Service group. If the Distributor follows this process, no tax is collected on their orders. For those Distributors, we strongly recommend that they consult their tax advisor for guidance on complying with state sales tax issues.

What is the difference between a Distributor account and a customer account?


Distributors purchase product from XANGO at a "wholesale" price and are also able to purchase sales aids. Distributors can sponsor new Distributors, build a downline, and earn commissions. Customers purchase product from XANGO at a "retail" price and may not be able to purchase all of our sales aids. Customers cannot sponsor new Distributors and do not earn commissions. A Preferred Customer is a Customer enrolled on automatic monthly shipments each month and can purchase products at wholesale prices.

If the account is changed to a Customer account, can I sign up again with a different sponsor/placement?


Yes. All retail accounts are entitled to the same flexibility in selecting a sponsorship and placement when signing up as a new Distributor.

After my account has changed to a customer, can I just pay my renewal fee and get my Distributorship back?


No. Once the account has been changed to a customer account, the previous Distributorship will be terminated. Retail customers cannot sign up Distributors, receive commissions and order wholesale product.

How do I renew my Distributorship?


You renew by paying the Annual Materials & Renewal Fee. You can go online and pay through MYXANGO, call customer service, or send in a check or money order.

Will the company bill me automatically?


Yes, the company will automatically bill customers on a monthly basis.

If I don’t renew my Distributorship, what will happen?


The company automatically bills Distributors each month. It is the Distributor’s responsibility to inform XANGO if they wish to discontinue their Distributorship.

Why is my renewal fee charged tax?


The renewal fee is formally titled an Annual Renewal & Materials Fee, which represents all of the materials a Distributor will be provided by the company throughout the year. In your state, if this type of material is taxable, we are required to charge tax.

Will the company notify me when my renewal fee is up?


The Distributor may be notified by the company through emails, post cards or by phone when and how to renew.

Is there a grace period from when my fee is due to when I get moved to a retail customer?


Yes. There is a 60 day grace period after the renewal fee is due.

How will the company contact me if I change my email address and I forget to contact the company?


If the company does not have accurate contact information, the company will not be responsible for an inability to reach the Distributor due to incorrect personal information.

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