About XANGO Events

About XANGO Events

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Network marketing is connecting with people—and the XANGO Nation does it every day, sharing total wellness online, on the sidewalk, at the store or over the phone.

But a couple of times a year we like to connect en masse, at world-class XANGO events: Distributors from six continents converge on Salt Lake City at our bi-annual Global Conventions… New Premiers do business ocean-side at Discovery Club in Phuket... XANGO Regionals and Opportunity Meetings dot the globe from Maui to Melbourne, Vancouver to Venice...

And you always know when you’re at a XANGO event—we figure there’s about 10% more sparkle and approximately 10 more decibels coming from the crowd. Distributors build their networks by connecting—upline, downline and sideline—and our events make it that much easier. At XANGO, there’s a fine line between “party” and “business conference” (though, for tax-purposes, you might prefer to declare the latter).

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