System Requirements for the XANGO Website

Web Browsers

Our website is optimized for Mozilla Firefox (versions 1.5 and above) and Microsoft Internet Explorer (versions 7 & 8). To download Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer for free, click the button of your choice below:
Firefox 2 Internet Explorer

Other browser versions and different browsers can still access our website, but the viewing experience and functionality may be reduced.


Our website uses extensive JavaScript and requires that your browser is JavaScript-enabled. JavaScript is a simple programming language that offers additional features and design in Web browsers.

Screen Resolution

Set your screen resolution to 1024 x 768 minimum (1152 x 864 or higher is recommended).

To change your screen resolution, right-click on your desktop and choose 'Properties', then click the 'Settings' tab. From there you can change your screen resolution to the size of your choosing. Once set, click 'OK'.


A plug-in is software that is added to the Web browser and adds additional features or services. If you don't have the appropriate plug-in, you must download and install it to take advantage of special site features.

In some sections of, you will need the free Adobe® Reader® plug-in to view and download documents. Click on the image below to download the latest version of Adobe® Reader®:
Get Adobe Reader

To take full advantage of you will also need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. This plug-in allows you to see much of the interactive content on our site. Click on the image below to download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player:
Adobe Flash Player

Media Players

Certain videos available for download on are provided to you in two different formats.

For video files ending in '.mov' we recommend

For video files ending in '.wmv' we recommend Get Windows Media Player

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