XANGO Business Guide

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Contact Information

Call Center Hours (in local Singapore time):

  • Monday - Friday: 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.
  • Saturday: 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. (only for the last Saturday in calendar month)

Phone Numbers:

  • Voice: 65.6355.3535
  • Fax: 65.6223.8960


  • Click here to e-mail Orders
  • Click here to e-mail Customer Service

Website: www.xango.com.sg

Online Ordering: www.myxango.com.sg

Singapore Corporate Office / Will Call:

  • Mangosteen Beverage (Singapore) Pte Ltd
    70, Bendemeer Road, #03-02A
    Luzerne, Singapore 33940

  • Office Hours:
    Mon-Fri: 10am to 7pm
    Saturday: 11am to 3pm
    Sunday and Public Holiday: Closed

Corporate Addresses:

  • Mail: P.O. Box 900
    Lehi, Utah 84043

  • Headquarters: 2889 Ashton Blvd,
    Lehi, Utah 84043

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Place an order


  • XANGO Juice Wholesale: $200 - 1 case (Will call pickup)
  • XANGO Juice Retail:
    $260.00 (1 case)
    $65.00 (1 bottle)
1 case - 4 bottles x 750ml

Payment Methods:

  • Initial Order:
  • ADP and Non-ADP:
    Direct Debit*

*Direct Debit orders will not be completed until the bank verifies receipt of the payment and the Company can match the payment to the order. The “completed” date is the date that is used to calculate all qualification and commission calculations. Unilevel commissions will be applied according to the “completed” date. If the “completed” date falls in a month different from the original order date, qualification and commissions will be calculated based on the “completed” date.

How to place an order:

  • Phone: 65.6355.3535
  • Internet: www.myxango.com.sg
  • Click here to e-mail Orders
  • Fax: 65.6223.8960

Delivery: 3 - 5 business days


Please call Customer Service at 65.6355.3535 to confirm and authorize any returns. If the product arrives damaged or if the order could not be delivered because of address, refunds can be provided at 100%. If you refuse delivery, orders will be refunded at 90% (less shipping and handling).

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Commission Payment Information:

The Company will pay all commission payments directly to the bank account you provide as a part of becoming a new distributor. As a result, it is critical that you keep all bank information up to date in our systems. Commission payments are paid in local currency.

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New Distributor Sign-up Information:

Choose one of three ways to sponsor a new XANGO distributor:

1. Online

  • Go to www.myxango.com.sg
  • Enter your Distributor ID and Password
  • Select “New Sign-up”
  • Select the region where your new distributor is located
  • Complete the online distributor application

2. Phone

  • With your new distributor present, call Customer Service at 65.6355.3535
  • Follow instructions from Customer Service agent

3. Fax

  • Fill out a Distributor Application and fax it to Customer Service at 65.6223.8960. If you don’t have an application, you can download the form here:
    • Go to www.myxango.com.sg
    • Enter your Distributor ID and Password
    • Select “Business Tools”
    • Select “Library”
    • Select the “Distributor Agreement” link under Singapore documents
    • Print the form
Fax the completed distributor application to 65.6223.8960
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XANGO® Juice Halal Certified:

This certification is accepted worldwide and allows people of the Muslim faith to buy XANGO Juice with the assurance that it does not contain anything that is haram or doubtful.
Click here to view a downloadable PDF of the certification.

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