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Self-improvement is our highest priority. It really ought to be everyone’s. We back that statement up by offering a feast of training methods to our distributors. From the freshest rookies to the most experienced pros, every XANGO distributor receives the ultimate training, motivation, education and experience. Corporate-sponsored city meetings and events feature industry leaders and the most inspiring presentations you’ve ever witnessed.

While you seek to be your best self, the following areas—when polished—will make your XANGO life a breeze:

  • invitation
  • meeting
  • presentation
  • event
  • follow-up

While sponsors take the initiative to train their recruits, XANGO supplies the wherewithal to do it through personal appearances and an ever-expanding collection of XANGO training tools.

Proper XANGO training is ultimately the responsibility of the individual, though. That means getting familiar with XANGO's collection of sales and training tools, available at Shop XANGO. It also means making doubly sure you know the distributor agreement, the website and the phone numbers you’ll need.

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