FAVAO™ Fiber


XANGO FAVAO Fiber combines fiber (soluble and insoluble) with prebiotics, probiotics and digestive flora. Dietary fiber promotes intestinal peristalsis, satisfies one’s appetite, softens excrements for smooth defecation, and increases the quantity of excrements if appropriate quantity of dietary fibers is added to food. The combination of fiber types helps you feel temporarily full.

  • Provides 2g of insoluble fiber and 3g of soluble fiber
  • Provides digestive flora
  • Helps promote a feeling of fullness

Dietary fiber aids the digestive system.

FAVAO Fiber contains a blend of oat bran, psyllium husk powder, oat fiber, inulin (FOS),mangosteen fruit powder, b. fifidum, and b. longum. Together they provide doses of soluble fiber, insoluble fiber, prebiotics and probiotics. See Ingredients for more details.


Mangosteen fruit powder: Garcinia mangostana is cultivated in the tropical rainforests of some Southeast Asia.

Psyllium husk powder: psyllium is a source for both soluble and insoluble fibers

Oat fiber and oat bran: Soluble fibers

Inulin (FOS):

Probiotics (b. fifidum, and b. longum)

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