Incentive Trips
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Elite Summit — January

The first, and most exclusive, incentive trip of the year, this summit brings the 100K Premier Select Distributors of XANGO together for a powerful planning meeting that sets the company’s annual course. Read more about Elite Summit.


To earn your invitation to this influential event, you must qualify as a 100K Premier Select by the third quarter of the previous year.

Discovery Club — May

This renowned XANGO trip is the celebration of every Distributor’s arrival at the life-changing leadership rank of Premier Select. It's an almost sacred pilgrimage to the growing regions of the mangosteen fruit, experienced with your Premier peers. Read more about Discovery Club.


To make it to your year’s Discovery Club trip, you must reach the rank of Premier Select for three consecutive months.

Elevation Retreat — June

Epitomizing life as a XANGO leader, this summer vacation emphasizes learning and training in a relaxed environment free from distraction and full of enjoyment. Year after year the destination hops from tropics to tropics, always landing at a select beach paradise. Read more about Elevation Retreat.


This event is first-come first-serve for qualifying Premier Selects and above who register before April 1 preceding the event.
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