Life. As it should be.
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XANGO’s heart and soul is its force of Distributors—now more than a million worldwide. As the XANGO Founders and CXO work with individual Distributors daily, they are always searching for ways to pay back the entrepreneurs who spend their valuable time expanding the reach of XANGO.

We’re appreciative of the hard work our Distributors—that you—do, and we put a lot of effort into rewarding you with more than just a paycheck. (Though our unprecedented 50/50 compensation plan plays an important role in giving you what you deserve.) Our leadership retreats, Discovery Club trips and events are another portion of your payment that we can’t imagine life without. But most of all, your XANGO business is a source of freedom to live your life the way you want to. XANGO gives you more time to spend with your family. It frees you from a traffic-jammed daily commute. It lets you earn the money to pay for your kids’ college, go on vacation or update your kitchen. It plugs you into a vibrant, supportive community. XANGO is life. As it should be.

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