Mangosteen Water

Mangosteen Water

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Glimpse™ formulas do not begin with regular water. Glimpse formulas begin with a unique, one-of-a-kind, mangosteen-infused water. This process entails steeping (like a tea bag in water) mangosteen pericarp powder into USP grade purified water. This allows for the transfer of mangosteen’s powerful phytonutrients into the first ingredient and base of each formula. Each step in making Glimpse involves the meticulous use of time-honored techniques combined with modern science.

Traditional use of the mangosteen in Southeast Asia over the past several centuries refers to the mangosteen pericarp being steeped in water and blended overnight into a tea. This tea was then sipped to nourish internally, as well as applied externally to nourish the skin. Honoring this tradition, Glimpse steeps the mangosteen pericarp in 100% pure water, forming a nutrient-dense mangosteen water base. Exclusive to Glimpse, this mangosteen water base amplifies the overall phytonutrient benefits of the fruit and acts as a nutrient-rich courier that when fused with the BioActive X3 Complex™, helps to significantly enhance skin nutrition.

Cold processing during the formulation of Glimpse further protects the integrity of the formulation, preserving the natural potency of the mangosteen’s many phytonutrients.

The mangosteen-infused water has been shown in third party in-vitro analysis to host concentrated amounts of xanthones, proanthocyanidins, catechins and other vital phytonutrients.* You can enjoy optimal skin benefits from mangosteen with mangosteen-infused water.

* RJ Analytical LLC, Mangosteen Infusion Water – high in catechins, xanthones, epicatechin, procyanidin.

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